2022 SAG Award Winners

ConocoPhillips Company and ConocoPhillips Company

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Project Goal

ConocoPhillips’ acquisition of Concho Resources in 2021 presented a challenge as well as an opportunity to accelerate the modernization of our geospatial platform to ensure continuous operations and incorporate the new, long-term business reality into our roadmap. Starting with understanding the basics of people and process before technology, we leveraged the System of Engagement (SoE) methodology to develop a holistic geospatial strategy and begin execution. COP’s leadership proved the importance of starting with a foundational understanding of organizational needs with a focus on people and process to lay the groundwork for long-term geospatial modernization with an eye towards digital transformation.

Business Problem Solved

Within a compressed timeframe we completed the full integration of Concho Resources’ geospatial environment with that of ConocoPhillips' with no interruption in service and setting a solid foundation for continued growth in GIS at ConocoPhillips.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS for Enterprise (full stack), ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop, Enterprise Database

Development Team Biography

Brian Tran (ConocoPhillips) - IT Supervisor, Geospatial
Danny Allen (ConocoPhillips) – Supervisor, Geospatial Intelligence
Scott Lamon (ConocoPhillips) - Geospatial Sr. Analyst
Preston Hill (ConocoPhillips) - Geospatial Sr. Analyst
Christian McLellan (ConocoPhillips) – Geospatial Analyst
Rene Hinojosa (GDH Consulting) – Technical Architect