2022 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

The project team leveraged the usefulness and the high interoperability of Geo Dashboard and data management tool. SISPAA is a complaint management system invented by Biro Aduan Awam, Prime Minister Office. This system served as a centralized complaint management portal to all government agencies for Malaysia. It replaced other computerized complaint management systems invented by local governments with a fixed template in data collection and report presentation. Complaint coordinators has been appointed in every department to inspect, reply, carry out repair/ engineering work to act on the complaints and close a complaint. There is no map or GPS coordinate collected from complainers to visualize on the location for complaints reported. Unable to visualize the location for complaints has causing bottleneck for complaint coordinators. Lack of location visualization which limits the potential on effectively planning for the subsequent action in a more cost-effective method via clustering
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Business Problem Solved

Effective visualization on complaint’s location, characteristic and increase communication and coordination across departments.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Dashboard , ArcGIS Enterprise

Development Team Biography

MBIP: TPr. Chew Lee Ting, En. Mohd. Johari Bin Mohd. Yusof, Puan Siti Noraim Binti Abd. Ghani, En Azrullail Bin Masijan

Global Future Cities Program: Ms. Carol Koh