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Land and Survey Department Sarawak

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Project Goal

Land and Survey Department Sarawak (L&S) advanced yet another step in its vision of digital transformation process by making available the popular services onto the web and mobile platform in 2014. It was clear to L&S that GIS should form the central hub of services and it turned out that the small screen of the smartphone did not hinder the popularity of having GIS-on-the-Go. Users were thrilled that they could at any time and from any location, check on any plot of land, verify its owner, its boundaries and its history of dealings.

eLASIS has served as a One Stop Virtual Office providing land information, geographic location, cadastral boundaries integrated with GPS and imagery basemap through a safe and easy to use platform. It also shares the Sarawak cadastral map and basic land information free to its customers with its Goal is to provide fast, accurate and reliable web and mobile services that is accessible beyond the physical office and its normal operating hours.
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Business Problem Solved

1. Customers can check land information, transact, make payment and the products and services delivered into their laptops and mobile phones.
2. Free viewing of basic land information, cadastral map and other GIS layers.
3. Reduce the need to go physically to the Department’s offices.
4. No longer restricted to normal office hours.
5. Make it easy for the Public to search for land information integrated with the GIS layers.
6. Transparency of processing as processing is system-driven and monitored (applicants can check the status of their applications anytime convenient to them).
7. Ease of transacting with L&S as eLASIS portal provides consolidated web and mobile services.
8. Cost saving to the customers and professionals who need to transact with the Department.
9. Time saving for land transactions: elimination travelling time with online services. Instant products provided through automated services such as payment of land rent, printout of title, map sales and many more.

Technology Implemented

Electronic Land And Survey Information System (eLASIS) used ArcGIS Enterprise bundled with the following software components below.

1. Portal for GIS
2. ArcGIS Server
3. ArcGIS Web Adaptor
4. ArcGIS Data Store

Sarawak Government has a well-established network infrastructure connected throughout the State. This sophisticated environment enables the State to provide a comprehensive data centre hosting service to the Land and Survey Sarawak.

eLASIS is utilising the Multitiered Deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise hosted at the Sarawak Government Data Centre which caters for optimum server/hardware utilisation and better unplanned downtime as well as flexible system upgrade and configuration, with the segregation of ArcGIS Server, Portal, Datastore and multiple ArcGIS Web Adaptors to control the access or as proxy to the Server and Portal. This pattern of deployment also complies with the Data Centre's ISMS policy. The Esri version used in eLASIS system is ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.

Development Team Biography

The three (3) organisations that contributed to the success of the eLASIS project are as follows:

Land and Survey Department, Sarawak
1. Datu Abdullah bin Julaihi (Director, Land and Survey Sarawak)
2. Kueh Hui Urg (Deputy Director Operation)
3. Awang Zamhari bin Awang Mahmood (Deputy Director Management)
4. Lim Khing Chong (Project Manager)
5. Nyanggau Nuing (Assistant Project Manager)
6. Alicia Patricia Josin (System Administrator)

State Service Modernization Unit, Chief Minister’s Department
1. Michael Ronnie Langgong (Director)
2. Kamaruddin Bin Mohammad (Principal Assistant Director)
3. Rafedah Binti Anuar (System Executive)

Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS)
1. Dr. Anderson Tiong (Chief Executive Officer)
2. Busiai bin Seman (Chief Operation Officer)
3. Grant Than (Chief Technology Officer)
4. Marie Lim (Account and Business Development Manager)
5. Eric Bong (Project Manager)
6. Thomas Chai (GIS Advisor)
7. Ivy Lee (Systems Analyst)