2022 SAG Award Winners

Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE)

Project Goal

GSE implements GIS technologies for the production of good quality geoscience data and make it easily accessible to the stakeholders. Geoscience data is acquired by doing geological mapping and mineral exploration activities. Through these activities the quantity and distribution of georesource potential (like mineral and geothermal energy) can be well understood. We are using GIS applications for pre field base map preparation, geological mapping, map harmonization works, geodata digitization, editing and analysis. Our new ArcGIS enterprise portal has been deployed last year and we are now applying web GIS technology resulting in easily accessible of the data to the stake holders.
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Business Problem Solved

The following problems are solved
1.The quality and quantity of geosciences data production has improved
2. Better data handling, storage and management
3. Easily accessibility of data to the stake holders promoting investment

Technology Implemented

ArcGISPro, ArcGIS desctop(Arc map), ArcGIS Enterprise

Development Team Biography

Basalfew Zenebe: Senior Geoscientist and ArcGIS Enterprise portal Admin - Project Manager/Coordinator

Dejene Hailemariam (PhD): Director General of Geological Survey of Ethiopia - Project Supervisor

Abebe Misgie: Team leader of Field data collector
Aman Yismaw: Team leader of Field data collector

Cindy Fair: Director "SUMM" Project
Fitsum Asefa: Deputy Director "SUMM" Project
"SUMM" is a project which works in collaboration with Geological Survey of Ethiopia especially giving support in the capacity building of GIS technologies. SUMM" is supported by Canadian International Resource and Development Institute.