2022 SAG Award Winners

IGAD Regional Secretariat on Forced Displacement and Mixed Migration

Project Goal

The Secretariat adopted geo-spatial technology to support project countries towards monitoring and evaluation, sustainable environment management and enhancing the use of spatial data and information to ensure evidence based responses to the situation of protracted displacement.
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Business Problem Solved

The IGAD Regional Secretariat on Forced Displacement and Mixed Migration (RSFDMM) implemented ArcGIS solutions to provide geo-visualization platforms for all Project Countries (as well as IGAD RS) and is an effort towards supporting and supplementing activities under Geo-Enabled initiative on Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS). Such activities include geo-tagging, spatial data analyses, information sharing as well as promoting prudent spatial and non-spatial database management. These platforms have been effective in visualizing project portfolio, supporting community engagements and sharing spatial products depicting progress made towards attaining the DRDIP's development objective and the resulting impact on the targeted bene?ciaries.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Field Maps
ArcGIS StoryMaps

Development Team Biography

Simon Nderitu,
GIS Officer