2022 SAG Award Winners

Trinity River Authority

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Project Goal

With over $2 billion worth of infrastructure assets to operate and maintain, and in order to continuously provide critical water and wastewater services to millions of residents across Texas, the Trinity River Authority adopted Esri’s Enterprise ArcGIS platform. GIS serves as the hub for integrating systems of records for hundreds of miles of water and waste water pipeline assets, as well as a bridge to streamline workflows between departments. GIS also serves as a foundation for asset inventory, a tool for determining levels of service, and a conduit for asset condition assessment and risk forecast.
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Business Problem Solved

Success of the Authority’s GIS program can be attributed to a culmination of efforts aimed at providing all levels of management with accurate and timely information to make smart decisions, while empowering the Authority's workforce with tools that increase efficiency and productivity. Story maps for example have become important communicating tools for board meetings, new employees, and the public. In an effort to help coordinate State and regional flood planning efforts, the Authority created GIS applications with stakeholders through Esri’s ArcGIS online solutions such as crowd source, dashboards, and survey 123. In addition to serving as the primary spatial-data repository for the Authority’s complex network of assets at water and wastewater facilities, including hundreds of miles of collection and transmission pipelines, GIS is used to drive processes for maintaining data.

Technology Implemented

The ESRI components used in this effort include, ArcGIS Field Map, story map, dashboard, Quick capture, ArcGIS Tracker and Navigator, Web AppBuilder, Survey 123, ArcGIS Hub and a host of other tools and licenses made available through an Enterprise License Agreement with Esri.

Development Team Biography

Glenn Clingenpeel, Executive Manager
Bob Ayensu, Geospatial Services Manager
Teresa Hong Tran, Geospatial Services Analyst
Evan Peters, Geospatial Services Analyst
Monic Nava, Geospatial Services Analyst
Myriam Gomez, Geospatial Services Technician