2022 SAG Award Winners

Antofagasta Minerals and Antofagasta Minerals

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Project Goal

The GIS of the Complementary Infrastructure Project (INCO) of Los Pelambres Mining (SIG INCO-MLP) of Antofagasta Minerals, aimed to support the visibility of the territorial environmental management of the project, through the visualization of sectoral procedures and permits, as well as the status of compliance with environmental requirements, together with the progress of construction and the development of measures established by environmental regulations.

Business Problem Solved

The INCO GIS allows the project to share updated environmental and sectorial management information, including the status of sectorial permits, and compliance with environmental requirements, together with the areas requested by our contractors for the intervention (with processing status), all linked to a cadastre of Works, Facilities and Activities of the project. This allows an effective communication with the Environmental, Engineering and Construction areas of the project, and even with other areas of the company. Users of the INCO GIS can use this information to answer frequently asked questions of their usual management, being able to access from computers and mobile devices, even without internet connection, gaining even more value in the context of poor connectivity in certain parts of the project.

Technology Implemented

Antofagasta Minerals has implemented ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1, which allows the generation of several WEB applications and mobile solutions. SIG INCO-MLP was implemented through a Story Map that compiles different thematic modules to display information.

For geographic queries, the "Territorial Viewer" was developed, using ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, which emphasizes the geographic designs of works, facilities and activities of the Project. It is possible to consult particular information of each one with pop-up windows (which include ArcGIS Arcade expressions), filter layers by categories, and obtain territorial reports of an area of interest. These layers can also be consulted with the ArcGIS Field Maps APP on mobile devices, even offline. Finally, Dashboards were implemented that show tables of management elements relevant to the project (Environmental Requirements and Sectorial Permits). All of the above was created and shared through ArcGIS Pro.

Development Team Biography

The highly experienced multidisciplinary team that carried out the INCO GIS solution has capabilities in mining with experience in mining, sectorial permits, environment and GIS development and administration, among which the following stand out:

Patricio Gutierrez Gonzalez: Risk and Management Manager at INCO Project, Los Pelambres Mining.
Máximo Lagos Manriquez: Superintendent of Socio-Environmental Management and Permits of the INCO project, Los Pelambres Mining.
Nicolás Muñoz Toro: GIS specialist of the INCO project, Minera Los Pelambres.
Orlando Espinoza Avendaño: GIS Leader of Antofagasta Minerals Resource Evaluation Management.
Rodrigo Quilaqueo: GIS Supervisor of Antofagasta Minerals Resource Evaluation Management.
Fernando Troncoso Vega: GIS Analyst at Antofagasta Minerals.