2022 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

Asset mapping of EKEDP electricity distribution assets, customers enumeration project, network augmentation, energy audit, and capturing of maintenance activities carried out by our field workers.
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Business Problem Solved

Eko Electricity Distribution Company is a private company poised to serve in distributing electricity to the public as since evolved over the years. The organization has put in a lot of effort to reduce the human factor issues in relation to the distribution problems such as;
1. Connection leakages
2. Connection inefficiencies
3. People stealing power
4. Damage of assets
5. Lack of infrastructure, e.t.c
EKEDC has been able to move from the manual mode of operation to embracing technology and moving all its assets onto a platform that is visible to all operating departments. Mapping all the assets from the field and getting their coordinates has helped establish our own database...One of the major challenges that EKEDP faced after being privatized was the absence of good data. The company lacked accurate records of its electrical assets and locations...

Technology Implemented

EKEDC, has invested in purchasing additional licenses from ESRI. Started with ArcMap and the ArcGIS PRO and then ArcGIS Online while expanding our ArcGIS Enterprise solution from standard to Advanced. Over time, the GIS team of EKEDC has successfully mapped all of its electrical assets, ranging from the distribution transformers, lines, fuse, joints, and support structures just to name a few. With this, we have successfully deployed a robust database that houses all information for easy identification. The GIS team is now recognized as the backbone of EKEDP business delivering core technical and commercial solutions to reduce ATC&C losses, identify leakages and also increase the company’s revenue.

• ArcGlS Collector and ArcGlS Survey 123.
• The company then leveraged Schneider Electric's ArcFM built on ArcGIS to edit and manage its data.
• ArcGlS Dashboards were used to monitor staff progress in the data collection processes.
• Migrated from ArcGIS collector to ArcGIS Field M

Development Team Biography

Yusuph Amure is a GIS specialist overseeing the development and implementation of GIS, Facility Management (Asset mapping & Customer enumeration), and e-business strategies in Eko Electricity Distribution Company.
Damilare Ojo is a GIS Specialist and Mechatronics engineer with quality industry experience in Electric Utilities, delivering the implementation of Smart Distribution Network, Geospatial Analysis, Operations Research, and SCADA-DMS technology.
Lawal M. Taiwo is a Team Lead Survey overseeing the mapping activities across the EKEDP network, he is an Electrical Engineering in power and Telecommunication.
Inyene Ita Etukudo as Master in GIS at University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, MSc. In Electronics Engineering, Madonna University, he is also a Team Member GIS in Eko Electricity Distribution Company
Fadase Omolade is a team member of the GIS Unit of Eko Electricity Distribution Company.