2022 SAG Award Winners

Iowa Select Farms

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Project Goal

Continue building on ArcGIS Enterprise deployment to innovate and improve our GIS capabilities and solutions.
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Business Problem Solved

With the development of our Pumper Portal, a digital precision ag tool utilizing feature classes and imagery from our ArcGIS Enterprise, the data flow and communication between our Nutrient Management team, the hundreds of farmers who utilize the manure from our farms, and the 100-plus custom manure application companies who apply the manure; has improved dramatically. The Pumper Portal has also eliminated the need for 800 three-ring binders, and countless reams of paper, which had to be filled out and delivered to the custom applicators every application season.
Other improvements have been made to improving team efficiency with redesigned workflows for mapping and creating regulatory map products using ArcGIS Pro, increased communication within the Nutrient Management team and management with the implementation of Operation Dashboards and eliminated the need for paper reports for site inspections with Survey123 surveys.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Dashboards, Survey123

Development Team Biography

Keith Kratchmer, Kent Pliner, Nick Johansen, and the Iowa Select Farms Nutrient Management Team

Carl Vogel and the Iowa Select Farms Information Technology Team