2022 SAG Award Winners

Saaremaa Municipality

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Project Goal

Saaremaa municipality is a relatively new local government, formed following the 2017 Estonian municipal reform on the basis of a merger of all twelve former Saaremaa municipalities. Until then only the local government of town of Kuressaare - Saaremaa’s capital - was equipped with GIS database. Hence, we had to decide which GIS software to go forward with for the newly formed municipality. Most of the data collected from the former municipalities was either printed on paper and filed on shelves, unsystemized in folders saved in employees’ computers or elsewhere. ArcGIS was the most suitable software that offered a broad-based ability and technical support to collect different kinds of data, analysis and the option to present information for internal and public use.
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Business Problem Solved

The decision to use ArcGIS platform has created a premise to retrieve information fast, which has reduced the time in decision-making process and has facilitated the process of collecting, analysing and sharing data.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, Collector, Survey123, Workforce, Web AppBuilder, Field Maps, Dashboards, Sites, StoryMaps.

Development Team Biography

GIS in Saaremaa municipality is managed by our GIS specialists Maarika Saks and Hannes Rohulaid.