2022 SAG Award Winners

Lower Valley Water District

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Project Goal

Driving Adoption of GIS throughout the organization, by optimizing workflows, building field applications and corresponding dashboards. The first achievement was attaching all our Engineering drawings to the Database, this gave everyone access to the drawings with a click of a link on the pop-ups, through any web map or application on AGOL. This has now become a spatially driven record keeping system. This helped drive adoption of use and we started creating applications for different departments, we created a field collector app for Water rights Technicians to keep track of water theft. We created a Survey 123 Application for our FOG department to register and inspect all the entities with grease traps within our district. We created dashboards of water consumption for Customer service and increased usage of AGOL from a few users a day to about 80 daily users. We created supporting Maps and Mobile applications to support different ongoing projects like our Manhole Assessment project.
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Business Problem Solved

We optimized workflows for several departments out in the field, we were able to keep track of data on mobile applications with spatial data, rather than a paper work order. We were able to have all the engineering drawings available with a link, rather than someone out in the field with a big book of all drawings. We not only have a digital twin but a digitized record of all our drawings attached with a link. We digitized our FOG program that now runs with survey123 collector and feeds a dashboard for employees and decision makers. We created supporting applications for projects and collaborated using AGOL with contractors to collect data, share maps and use real time data to keep track of work being done by contractors. We did analysis on our meters and found over 60% were past their life expectancy, and this helped us justify a new AMI water meter replacement project that we are using GIS to analyze data collectors and visualizing our routes.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, AGOL, Collector, Survey123, Field Maps, ArcGIS Enterprise

Development Team Biography

My name is Ryan Rodriguez, I was born In El Paso Texas, I am 31 years old, I attended the University of Texas at El Paso and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. I have been the IT Manger for Lower Valley Water District for three years and I am also responsible for the GIS department. I found GIS when I started at LVWD and have fell in love with it, I have always loved maps and geography.