2022 SAG Award Winners

Saudi Electricity Company

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Project Goal

1)Modernized the entire design life cycle and accelerated the tasks of design and planning.
2)To provide built-in workflow & automation that converts design sketches to enterprise GIS data with a few clicks, reducing backlog data conversion time
3)looking for Significant increase in productivity, accuracy with latest GIS ESRI & Schneider Electric technology for utilities
4)To be Aligned with International ISO Standards and Securely able to Integrate with Various external Parties.

Business Problem Solved

1) Scattered GIS systems in Distribution BL with different Capabilities & Operations
2) Hard-copy drawings and documents caused significant inefficiencies and redundant design work
3) Users couldn't easily access the information to design, analyze, schedule and build changes in the network
4) Many obstacles when new data conversion project released
5) Unable to integrate internally and also externally
6) GIS Annual growth & Technology update

Technology Implemented

1)ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1
2)Arc FM 10.8.1a

Development Team Biography

Our Company team consist of :

1. Mohammed AlRowili (GIS Application Development Specialist)
2. Majed Al-Nasser (GIS Application Development Specialist)
3. Swaleh AlJedani (GIS Application Development Specialist)
4. Ahmed Al turqee (GIS Application Development Specialist)
5. Mohammed Al-Mulhem (Implementation and Technical support)
6. Abdulaal Al-Ribh (Implementation and Technical support)
7. Alaa Mustafa Rabi (User requirements and training)
8. Omar Elmenshawy (User requirements and training)
9. Muath Al-Dubayan (Business - GIS Division Manager )
10.Mohmmad N. AlJedani (ITDT - GIS Division Manager)