2022 SAG Award Winners

Office of Accountability, Performance & Innovation and Department of Public Works

Project Goal

As one of the snowiest cities in America, a large portion of Syracuse’s municipal operations involve managing the significant amounts of snow that blanket the city each year. Frequent snow storms make it difficult for residents to drive to work or school, go to the grocery store, and get to their health-care appointments, among other needs. Diving headfirst into snow management, the City of Syracuse began to look for new ways to use GIS and leverage spatial data capabilities and insights to make better government decisions and provide efficient, effective, and equitable services to residents.
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Business Problem Solved

With help from a team at Esri, the City of Syracuse implemented the new Winter Weather Operations (WWO) solution, which uses ArcGIS Velocity. Velocity takes live data from sensors on plows, transforms it using real-time big data analytics, and feeds it into ArcGIS Online, and produces spatial analytics that aid in decision-making. The multifaceted solution ultimately produces:
o a live web map for residents to monitor where and when streets or sidewalks were plowed and gauge real-time conditions before heading out in snowy weather;
o an internal fleet management system for the City’s Department of Public Works to track resources, plows, and illegally parked cars preventing plows form clearing streets;
o and an operational dashboard for the City leadership to measure performance and improve operational costs.

Technology Implemented

o ArcGIS Velocity
o ArcGIS Online
o ArcGIS Pro
o ArcGIS Experience Builder
o ArcGIS Instant Apps

Development Team Biography

• Conor Muldoon - Deputy Chief Innovation and Data Officer
• Joanna Bailey - Data Analyst