2022 SAG Award Winners

Town of Mount Pleasant

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Project Goal

Our goal was to use our ESRI enterprise license to streamline operations for town staff and the public. We wanted staff and public to have the latest data of what is where in the town at their fingertips without the risk of relying on an old file or email.
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Business Problem Solved

Created efficiency with dynamic maps and custom applications that provided updates in real-time and reduced errors. All while reducing paper products and making data easily accessible to staff, residents, and businesses.

Technology Implemented

Our biggest use of ESRI technology is ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online. We also use Field Maps, Survey123, and Drone2Maps.

Development Team Biography

Toni Herman started with the town in 2014 and is a GIS Analyst. She maintains base data for the Town like address points and parcel data. She also manages Cityworks and how it interacts with our ESRI products. Aaron Senter started with the Town in 2019 and is a GIS Analyst. He has developed many of the application used by office and field staff to help with their day-to-day operations.