2022 SAG Award Winners

City of Martinsburg, WV

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Project Goal

The City of Martinsburg, WV is designated as a Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) community where mapping is a primary function of the stormwater permit requirements. Since 2018, the city has been leveraging GIS to develop the first ever digital map of the city’s stormwater infrastructure. In 2021, the city voted to create the Stormwater Utility and associated stormwater fee based on impervious surface. The Stormwater Fee Calculator Dashboard was developed to give an accurate and clear insight to the fee each landowner in the city would be paying.
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Business Problem Solved

It was essential that the team not only address the public with words and handouts, but to provide them with information directly related to their property and their fee. The stormwater team had already had success with their first public facing applications (Where’s My Watershed and Youth Fair Hubsite) so it was determined that a Dashboard would be best.
The team compiled parcel data from the Berkeley County and impervious data flown in 2016 by Fugro as the basis for determining each owner’s impervious surface. The data was overlayed onto a custom vector basemap with appropriate controls for searching, zooming and layer / basemap selection. Clicking on any of the impervious surface on the map provides the area of impervious surface along with publicly available information about the parcel.
Finally, a custom HTML and Arcade Pop-Up was designed as a way to determine if the parcel was commercial or residential and provide cost and phase-in information for it in a readable manor.

Technology Implemented

Trimble: Geo 7x, R1
ArcGISPro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise
Mobile Apps: Collector, Field Maps, Quick Capture
Web Maps & Apps: Web Experiences, Dashboards, HTML / Arcade Pop-Ups, Story Maps, HubSite

Development Team Biography

Jared Tomlin – Stormwater Program Manager / GIS Administrator. Oversaw development of GIS / HTML / Arcade within stormwater and started implementing GIS into other city departments
Austin Dotson – GIS Analyst – Developed and cleaned the data for the projects, manages users and AGOL for daily workflows and data collection
Rebecca Russell – Stormwater Coordinator – Compiled information, developed education wordage and designed front end interfaces for the StoryMaps and Web Experiences.