2022 SAG Award Winners

County of Miami Dade and Miami Dade International Airport

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Project Goal

Major airports like Miami International Airport (MIA) require an operational certificate to ensure the safety in air transportation. As a Part 139 Certificated airport, one of the many required components of the Part 139 Certificate include conducting the daily airfield Self-Inspection. At the time of this project, these inspections were performed and cataloged using paper data collection. The solution created for MIA is a digital transformation known as the MIA Operations Dashboards that combines ArcGIS Operations Dashboards and Survey123 in an ESRI Story Map. It is the result of a collaborative effort between MIA, ITD/Geospatial Solutions and ESRI. The app is intuitive, with smart inspections forms and dashboards. It helps to visualize inspections and discrepancy data in real-time, creating historical data and identifying trends, instead of sticking to static data on a paper map.
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Business Problem Solved

Miami International Airport is America’s third busiest airport for international passengers. Part 139 requires FAA to issue an Airport Operating Certificate for an airport as large as Miami’s. The Airport Operation Certificates serve to ensure safety in air transportation. To obtain the certificate an airport needs to agree to certain operational and safety standards, which includes the airfields safety inspections.
The need for this solution was created because the three daily, surveillance, periodic, and special inspections were performed using paper data collection. It was imperative to replace them with a digital and modern solution. The modernization of the Part139 inspections provides a robust application with real time data which help to improve the security of the airport employees and air transportation in general.

Technology Implemented

The solution created for the Miami International Airport uses ESRI technology ArcGIS Survey123 and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

Development Team Biography

Jose L. Lopez, MDC-ITD Assistant Director, Business Applications Services.
Patty Madrid, MDC-ITD Systems Support Manager, Geospatial Solutions.
Jose Rodriguez, MDC-ITD Systems Support Manager, Geospatial Infrastructure Support.
Clare Sibori, MDC-ITD Systems Support Manager, Geospatial Data Management.
Adriana Castro, MDC-ITD Senior System Programmer/Analyst, Project Manager.
Dennis Zielstra , MDC-ITD Senior System Programmer/Analyst.
Brandy Channin, ESRI Airports Practice Lead, Strategic Advisor.
Ben Keller, ESRI Technical Consultant.
David James, ESRI Senior Airports Account Executive.
Dan Agostino, MIA Assistant Director, Operations.
Mike Bryant, MIA Senior Manager, Computer Services.
Jim Murphy, MIA Airport Operations Supervisor - Part 139 Compliance.
Patrick Wallis, MIA Airport Operations Senior Agent - Part 139 Compliance / Ramp Control.