2022 SAG Award Winners

City of Medicine Hat

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Project Goal

Asset Management: The goal was to gain a comprehensive, scalable system that resulted in significantly higher efficiencies in asset management planning and maintenance management of City infrastructure, equipment and resources. This would allow workers to track their tasks in the office and field while offering management a transparent look into the status of workorders and service requests. This solution established a sustainable, coordinated, organization-wide mechanism to manage the life cycle of new and existing municipal assets.
Strategic Planning: The goal was to develop a central GIS vision accompanied by a detailed, prioritized, three-year strategic plan and roadmap identifying initiatives to address business challenges across the organization. This includes developing a GIS Governance Charter to drive future initiatives, buy-in, and cooperation allowing Corporate GIS to become a visible, integral component of the success of its municipal departments.
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Business Problem Solved

Asset Management: Comprehensive implementation of Cityworks in key departments has resulted in a significant improvement in asset management workflows and operational efficiencies. This has resulted in more efficient allocation of capital and operational budgets to support the growing municipal infrastructure, while also fostering more consistent planning across multiple departments to maintain existing infrastructure projects.
Strategic Planning: In 2018, the City relaunched its Corporate GIS group as a more independent entity to better support geospatial initiatives outside of a more traditional IT-focused approach. This addressed various business challenges by developing a more consistent strategy of implementing GIS-enabled workflows and developing a formalized governance structure. A key outcome was raising the visibility and awareness of GIS as a core enabler of day-to-day service delivery to best address the operational business needs of the organization.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Enterprise

Development Team Biography

City of Medicine Hat

Jaret Dickie (Manager; Municipal Services Business Support)
Nigel Forster (GIS Specialist)
Mike Tulis (GIS Analyst)
Qing Xu (Sr. Systems Analyst)
Kris Karki (GIS Analyst)
Simon Amos (CMMS Business Analyst)
Jake Stiles (Business Transformation Specialist)

Given the length and the breadth of the engagement, dozens, if not hundreds, of people have been involved in the success of the Cityworks implementation project.


Nelly Tom Kee (PMPĀ®)
Felcor Consulting Inc.
Senior Project Manager, ERP Implementation Specialist.

Nelly Tom Kee was instrumental in the launch of Cityworks by using her extensive project management knowledge to implement the critical change management required to re-establish governance, enforce stringent scope control, and develop a realistic resourcing plan. This was done in conjunction with managing utilizing an escalation matrix and an effective communication plan. Not only did she provide leadership to the project