2022 SAG Award Winners

Woodside Energy Limited

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Project Goal

In 2018, Woodside’s Geospatial team piloted a migration of their geospatial environment to the Cloud. Enhancements to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) application AppStream, saw an opportunity to pilot a more Cloud-native VDI that offered a simplified support structure, scalable environment and rapid deployment capabilities.
Alongside the AppStream rollout, Woodside were simultaneously looking to upgrade their legacy ArcMap solution to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities and improved user experience in ArcGIS Pro.

The ArcGIS Pro and AppStream upgrade – completed in September 2020 – took seven months to develop and roll out. Esri Australia worked with Woodside to customise the ArcGIS Pro solution to suit their specific needs. Substantial preparation work was done behind the scenes to ensure a seamless transition for the business and users, and immediate access to the intuitive new system.
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Business Problem Solved

Following the success of the Cloud migration program, Woodside users were transitioned to AWS AppStream. Along with optimised capacity, cost efficiency and operations, the VDI offered greater stability, reliability and scalability, which supported the improved performance of ArcGIS Pro. ArcMap users were also migrated to ArcGIS Pro to take advantage of the program’s enhanced capabilities, including faster processing times and 2D and 3D functionalities.

The technology provided a simple, scalable solution and consistency of deployment. AppStream’s Cloud VDI allows users to react and rapidly scale GIS requirements up or down via one machine, with no additional servers or storage required. When delivered via AppStream, the ArcGIS Pro solution requires no specialised installation to staff laptops. It runs directly through a web browser, making it easier to deploy updates remotely. The Cloud GIS solution also offers a streamlined method for accessing data with minimal lag-time.

Technology Implemented

• ArcGIS Pro
• ArcGIS Enterprise