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KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)

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Project Goal

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) as a leading television news and media company in South Korea builds and manages a nationwide disaster broadcast system to alert the public of emergency situations and disseminate disaster information quickly. With different types of disasters happening more frequently throughout South Korea and forecasting when and where are likely to occur getting more elusive, there is an urgent need to provide the public with accurate and timely disaster information. The public broadcaster carries out its public responsibilities of protecting the public’s lives and property by delivering visualized disaster-related information in real-time utilizing ArcGIS. The broadcaster intends to improve the credibility of disaster broadcasting by providing fast and accurate disaster information in a way that helps disaster-affected areas, and provide disaster prevention services, distinct from traditional forms of broadcasting, with ArcGIS-based graphics of disaster situation.
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Business Problem Solved

KBS has set up a dashboard to provide various disaster information sent through API in real time on a map to deliver them easily and quickly. It has also built an alert system to help the public to respond quickly to an impending disaster that can cause serious damages.
Reporters had struggled to input data manually to display images and data on the controller screen and configure the display layout with the help of technical staff. Screen composition are pup-up information, CCTV screen, and bookmarks. The system enables reporters to configure screens on their own, then they can prepare a broadcast reflecting rapidly changing disaster situations and configure screens suitable for each reporter and different disaster scenarios. The broadcaster has also kept the usability of applications that have been required in broadcasting by utilizing the scalability and compatibility of ArcGIS Platform, implementing such apps in ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise was the key element introduced from the ArcGIS platform. The automation process was constructed so that the various disaster information provided from a source API can be converted into real-time data on a map using the Data Interoperability Extension as an ETL tool. After using geoprocessing tools to integrate the weather/disaster data, Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is used to monitor disaster information more intuitively and effectively. Dashboard pages are integrated into one app through Experience Builder so that users can check various information on one screen, and at the same time, ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x was used to improve UI/UX. An alarm banner widget was developed that immediately shows an alert of a major disaster. WebApp Builder is configured to allow reporters to prepare for the live broadcast to immediately utilize the disaster information. Widgets were customized to show information effectively including a bookmark widget and a popup widget.

Development Team Biography

KBS Disaster Media Center:
Seong-Han Kim, Deputy Director and an expert of meteorological disaster and director of this project
Seung-Hoon Min, overall project manager
Kwang-Bon Jung, a manager of operating and developing GIS based system
Je-Yup Lee, a manager of data platform
Jong-Sik Park, a member or the project
GBS Korea, a Esri Korea Partner (EPN level: Silver):
Yoo-Jung Yang, a developer of this project