2022 SAG Award Winners

COWI Holding A/S

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Project Goal

The COWI group is actively working towards using GIS as a connection point for working across multi-disciplinary teams. The goal for COWI is to have a common platform for increasing the productivity and collaboration on projects, as well as providing tools for visualizing results, and project deliverables to stakeholders in a convenient and engaging way. With Esri's Enterprise Portal and Online platforms, this collaborative potential has been further increased with inclusion of BIM data and models. In several projects, COWI has been utilizing this GIS/BIM integration. In COWI Norway a road infrastructure project, including tunnels and bridges have collected all relevant data in Web Apps in ArcGIS Online, including 3D terrain, building and road construction data as well as specialized thematic data from all involved disciplines. Another important use of Esri's tools is for communication of results to stakeholders.
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Business Problem Solved

GIS has been used within COWI for many years as a tool for analysis and visualization. However, Esri's online environment is allowing the effective sharing and distribution of data and information in the browser. This is allowing COWI to create Web Apps where every discipline can display their relevant data in the context of the entire project. Collecting all discipline's data in a single Web App allows for increased awareness across the project groups about the progress and challenges currently faced. The data is collected from Survey123, Field Maps, processed in ArcGIS Pro/ Arcpy or BIM tools with integrations to Esri's environment. After multi-disciplinary project collaboration on ArcGIS Online and Enterprise Portal, COWI can effectively visualize and communicate the results through apps like the Story Map. For COWI, Esri's software is solving the challenges of collaboration and communication on large complex projects by putting space at the center.

Technology Implemented

Esri ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, WebApp Builder, GIS/BIM integration tools, Survey123, Story Map, Fieldmap and arcpy and arcgis python packages.

Development Team Biography

Main involved COWI employees:
Andreas Lorentzen – GIS Consultant within Road Infrastructure in Norway
Steffen Svinth, Digital Development Lead, Society and Utilities in Denmark
Roar Gauslå Engell, GIS Consultant and Functional Responsible for ESRI products in COWI Denmark
Project information: https://arcgisportal.cowi.com/pesticidsaarbarhed/