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Indiana Department of Homeland Security

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Project Goal

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) serves as the state’s emergency management and public safety agency, encompassing the state’s disaster response services, the State Fire Marshal’s Office (building and fire code enforcement) and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program. IDHS seeks to assist public safety partners in their efforts to fill job vacancies within their organizations. The goal of this project was to enhance the sharing of local public safety job openings in and around Indiana to address staffing shortfalls at many Indiana agencies. The public safety community now has a resource to share job postings on a public platform to reach a larger pool of potential candidates, and those looking for jobs in the public safety field have an interactive platform to explore opportunities, either by geography or area of interest.
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Business Problem Solved

The previous method for sharing local public safety job postings involved local agencies submitting a form about their open position to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). After being vetted internally, the information was posted as a PDF hyperlink on the IDHS webpage. There was no geospatial/map component to the listings, and customers had to select each individual posting to view details. IDHS staff were burdened with having to keep track of expired job postings and remove them from the website. The new process has streamlined the workflow to provide customers with the best experience, both in posting jobs and searching for jobs, while minimizing the effort required to manage the process. This is all available to them at no cost. The result is an interactive dashboard showcasing public safety job postings that have been shared with IDHS. Those searching for jobs can filter information in a number of ways and easily view details about each position.

Technology Implemented

Data is stored in a Spatial Database Engine (SDE) maintained by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). Map and feature services are published to ArcServer to leverage an existing custom security solution in conjunction with another IDHS application. This security solution allows for restricted-access editing of the data by in-house IDHS program managers. Map/feature services are published to ArcGIS Online to leverage additional Esri technology. Local public safety agencies input job postings through a Survey123 form. Submissions trigger an email to program managers through a Power Automate flow that references the Survey123 form submission. Program managers then vet the job posting through a secured JavaScript viewer that leverages IDHS’ custom security solution; they verify that the posting is complete and appropriate. Once vetted, the job posting is made visible on the dashboard by changing the status to "verified" in the data. A filter is used to remove expired posts.

Development Team Biography

Ashlee Moore serves as a Business Systems Consultant at the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and acted as the GIS lead for this project. She is a native Hoosier, Ball State University graduate and has been with IDHS for more than 15 years.
Roger Koelpin provides GIS analyses and support to various lines of business within the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and to external business partners.
Mike Beam is the web content manager for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, charged with maintaining and improving the agency’s websites and related online tools. He looks for outside-the-box ways to present information to the public and enjoys working collaboratively to make those creative ideas into reality.