2022 SAG Award Winners

City of Rochester Hills

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Project Goal

Over the last two years, the GIS team at the City of Rochester Hills has been modernizing our legacy desktop-based GIS environment. To ensure the City is future ready, we are redeploying our GIS applications using a services based architecture. This approach is new to the City and requires us to rethink the way City employees interact with GIS. Instead of continuing geodatabase-centric practices, we are moving our data to a web based approach. We are now applying GIS holistically and integrating it with the business processes of our entire organization. While creating impactful solutions that improve how our residents live and connect with their government, we continually identify new opportunities to create operational efficiency throughout the City.
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Business Problem Solved

Parcel data is crucial for any municipality. By changing our GIS workflows, we were able to automate the process of linking cadastral data from the City’s Assessing Department with the County’s authoritative parcel dataset. Now the City has the most current, accurate, consistent and highest quality GIS parcel data available in real-time. Additionally, using ArcGIS Solutions, the creation of mailing labels has never been easier.

In collaboration with the Fire Department, we analyzed incident data using an intuitive ArcGIS dashboard. Nationally recognized fire service KPIs were used to provide fire officials with new insight into their data.

During redistricting, municipalities are required to review and submit new election boundaries. With the help of GIS, our City Clerk was able to streamline the process of analyzing census data, allowing her to propose and review scenarios for new polling places, voting precincts and council districts and effectively communicate the final resu

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Solutions, ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Field Maps, Survey123, ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Pro and Branch Versioning

Development Team Biography

Doreen Groth uses her passion for spatial analysis and data science to provide governments, at all levels, the information needed to make data driven decisions. As the GIS Manager she enjoys helping subject matter experts come together in order to gain a common understanding of a problem's complexity. Doreen believes that bringing people, systems and data together unlocks the potential of all three.

Linda Kuhn uses her desire for accurate data and efficient workflows to assist in the City's move to a future ready GIS. As the GIS Specialist she enjoys working with colleagues and community partners to analyze a workflow, address a problem, or answer a question and then strategize an effective solution using GIS.

Special thanks to Mark Brown from the Independence Township Fire Department who has graciously shared his time and GIS expertise and has been a priceless resource.