2022 SAG Award Winners

City of Marshfield, Wisconsin

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Project Goal

The City of Marshfield's GIS staff aims to provide services to all City departments and affiliated local organizations. When possible, GIS is integrated into many facets of a project or workflow. Often, the GIS staff refines an existing workflow, and provides exclusive solutions using ESRI products. The three big projects that illustrate the breadth of Marshfield’s utilization of ESRI’s diverse toolsets are:

- The Common Operating Picture (COP) used by the emergency services and emergency operation center
- The Citizen Complaint System
- Marshfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan ArcGIS Hub site for community engagement

Each of these projects illustrate the GIS staff’s commitment to providing high quality complete solutions to citizens and the City’s staff.
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Business Problem Solved

- Provide real-time consolidated information to emergency services fingertips
- Consolidation of complicated tools into one interface that is easy to use
- Provide 24/7/365 access for citizens to inform the City of issues they see around the city
- Provide transparency and accountability to resolve citizens issues, while reducing redundancy
- Provide interactive tools to empower citizens to voice their needs, wants, and desires during planning projects, enabling the City of Marshfield to develop complete and comprehensive plans that reflect the community desires

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, Web AppBuilder, GeoEvent Processor, Survey123, Field Maps, Dashboards, ArcGIS Hub, SDE Geodatabase for SQL Server

Development Team Biography

David M Buehler, GISP - Sr. GIS Coordinator

David believes firmly in empowering others to succeed through mentoring and guiding others to grow their own skills and abilities. David often finds himself in the role of teacher both at work and in his personal life because he is not afraid of blazing his own trail and trying something out of his wheelhouse. He encourages everyone to take chances and make mistakes because that is how you grow both professionally and as a person.