2022 SAG Award Winners

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

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Project Goal

Our goal was to use GIS to improve our COVID-19 response internally and externally.
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Business Problem Solved

We solved several problems:

How can we collect and use vast amounts of case and contact data?

How can we help our Incident Command staff execute large projects?

How do we better use data in our non-COVID work?

Our biggest project was the creation of dynamic spatial and data collection tools for our case and contact data investigations. Our investigators used it to interview residents and collect spatial data. Epidemiologists and GIS staff used the data to analyze, report on and map the virus in Pierce County. More than 150 staff members used this system each day at our peak, so we moved it from AGO to a Portal environment.

We also used GIS to provide planning and review tools to our Incident Command staff for things like:

Mask distribution.

Testing site creation.

Vaccine uptake.

Finally, we used lessons from our pandemic work to create sustainable processes for our use of GIS data, apps and systems in non-COVID programs across our agency.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, Model Builder, ArcGIS Server (Portal), Survey123 Connect, ArcGIS Online (Dashboards, WebApps, Web Maps, Experience Builder, Survey123), Python to run automated tasks and Civic Lens for additional data backups.

Development Team Biography

Maria Sevier (GIS Administrator and Project Lead),began her career at the health department in 2020 to support their COVID response. She brought with her 25 years experience in the GIS industry with work focused on supporting local government agencies and projects including health, planning, parks, utilities and systems. She has also enjoyed working on non-profit and private business projects.
Melissa Hayashida (Program Analyst II) joined TPCHD in 2020 to support the agency’s COVID19 response. Her background includes over 12 years of GIS work in the public health, parks, public safety, and utility fields.
Michelle Fredrickson (Epidemiologist I) got her MPH in Epidemiology and Health Communication from the Colorado School of Public Health in 2018. She has worked on many aspects of the COVID response, including data visualization and communication using ArcGIS.