2022 SAG Award Winners

Baltimore Police Department

Project Goal

The GIS Unit was formed in 2019 with the purpose of modernizing the Agency’s antiquated mapping systems. Before the creation of the GIS unit, data flows and reports were created manually using myriad mapping software and systems. Maps with operational deployments and analysis reports were printed and pinned to Boards. The department had to enter the 21st century on many fronts, and technologically many of these issues could be answered by GIS, be it data accuracy, data storage, application/report creation, real-time information or analysis.

Prior to the implementation of the ArcGIS Enterprise, the department was largely producing manually created PDF maps instead of leveraging web applications and REST services to automate data into useful displays. There are over thirty dashboards, apps and maps today, operational, analytical and administrative; which ensure a consistent, reliable, and timely display of information.
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Business Problem Solved

This information is available to the various divisions and areas of the Agency. Whether administrative or operational. If the crime data updates at 7am, all entities are aware where to find data from the past 24 hours. Every call that comes in shows up on real time apps and can be matched 24/7 by it’s location to the deployable resources in the vicinity. Front end contact officers in the field are connected to the system for their safety and security while back end operations recognizes how to deploy resources effectively and efficiently. Admin and command staff has one common location to find current data in the GIS Portal’s large number of receptacles, dashboards and story maps. There is no waiting to create and email a GIS report every morning with the new Enterprise. Through technology such as Geoevents, it is now possible to provide real-time geofenced data which has helped immensely in police response.

Technology Implemented

The Baltimore Police ArcGIS Portal homepage contains numerous links to helpful applications for officers and commanders at all levels, as well as FAQ’s for the department’s GIS users to help in troubleshooting. GIS training provided by ESRI through BPD has become extremely popular among our large GIS community since the creation of the GIS Unit. GIS users now have one fixed location, supported by dedicated servers, where they can view, analyze and store information, which in turn has eliminated numerous data silos that existed in the past, while providing a single place where they can find spatial data, advanced software, methods, use cases and precedents.

ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGIS Pro
Operations Dashboards
Web Applications
Spatial Analyst and Crime Analysis Tools
Business Analyst
Territory Design Tools
Network Analyst

Development Team Biography

Rajiv Sharma
Om Poudel
Sam Margolis

Under the aegis of Chief Derek Canton, Chief Technology Officer BPD