2022 SAG Award Winners

US National Ice Center

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Project Goal

The US National Ice Center (USNIC) has built a fully modern, service-enabled system of analysis, enabling the Center to take advantage of operational efficiencies and technological advances that ArcGIS Enterprise provides. This robust system enables ice analysts to expertly analyze ice globally in support of an operational customer base.
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Business Problem Solved

Building a modern platform solved several business problems:
? With ArcMap deprecating, USNIC needed to pivot to an ArcGIS Pro-based solution for the daily analysis.
? USNIC needed to provide authoritative GIS services for the analysis products provided to its customers
? USNIC desired to provide analytics to enrich its set of archive products provided to its customers

Technology Implemented

USNIC uses ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 (with an Image Server and ArcGIS Monitor) to host the internal and external GIS. ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2, with a custom toolbar called SIPAS (Satellite Image Processing and Analysis System) to manage a complex analysis and dissemination workflow. Other technology components include ArcGIS API for Python, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, and ArcGIS Pro SDK.

Development Team Biography

CDR Casey J. Gon
Director, US National Ice Center
Commanding Officer, Naval Ice Center

Kevin Berberich
Deputy Director, US National Ice Center
Chief, Ice Services Branch

George Wachira
IT Department Head
US National Ice Center

Gary Premo
IT Technical Lead/GIS Support/Database Manager
US National Ice Center

Mark Denil
GIS Support/Cartographer
US National Ice Center

Tao Nguyen
Webmaster/GIS Support
US National Ice Center

Wanshu Huang
Dataflow Support
US National Ice Center

Stephen Quinn
Dataflow Support
US National Ice Center