2022 SAG Award Winners

Des Moines GIS

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Project Goal

In 2019, the City of Des Moines unveiled an ambitious $750 million redevelopment plan for a 260-acre industrial area near downtown called The Market District. This district sits between the historic Iowa State Capitol building and downtown. To preserve the viewsheds of the capitol building from downtown and to keep the downtown skyline views, the City’s zoning code has a height restriction of 75ft for new construction in the Market District Area.? To create a true 3-dimensional zoning boundary for development in the Market District and evaluate new development proposals the City of Des Moines acquired LiDAR data to produce an accurate digital elevation model and 3-D building models for the Market District and downtown. With this data and application City staff worked with developers to create and codify the viewshed zoning. This 3D boundary is now used to evaluate proposed construction in order to preserve viewsheds of the capitol building and of other downtown landmarks.
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Business Problem Solved

City planners and developers were reviewing impacts of proposed projects within a 3-dimensional space but were unable to visualize it. They needed a means to create a 3-dimensional zoning area for defining building requirements. Using LiDAR data, a digital twin of Des Moines gave them access to accurate data. Then using Esri’s viewing tools they were able to define a 3-dimensional viewshed and make informed decisions about the impact of planning proposals and scenarios.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro (3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst)
ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGIS Image Server
ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Development Team Biography

Erik Brawner – GIS Analyst
Heather Schafer – GIS Analyst
Alicia Shyu – GIS Analyst
Jeffrey Kuster – GIS Specialist
Deb Maier – IT Business Analyst
Erin Olson-Douglas – Development Services Director
Michael Ludwig – Deputy Director of Development Services
Ryan Moffat – Economic Development Coordinator
Aaron Greiner – GIS Manager