2022 SAG Award Winners

State of Kansas, Division of Emergency Management

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Project Goal

The Kansas Situation Report brings together data from Emergency Management, Weather and other mapping organizations to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information possible in support of situational awareness, preparedness and response across the State of Kansas. The Situation Report Explorer allows users to easily navigate between maps and applications from one spot in the navigation menu. The Situation Report Slideshows showcases the same information that can be found in the Explorer but configured to include features like auto-play and a more streamlined navigation. The Report Slideshow was primarily designed to be displayed in Emergency Operations Centers on situation monitors, making it easier keep up on the most recent information without having to navigate through the explorer manually.
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Business Problem Solved

Using Survey123 we were able to streamline daily situational updates so they can be done by any Kansas Watch Officer Staff member, from any location on any device. We replaced the previous Situation Report pdf template with an Experience Builder site that maintains the same infographics with the addition of more custom maps controlled by results from the survey. This new site also replaces the watch officer’s need to make decisions on which weather hazard is pertinent for the current. The Portfolio Instant App enables us to deliver a rolling display for use in the Emergency Operation Center that displays maps and graphics on a continual basis without GIS staff intervention. Many maps in the Situation Report were utilize live feeds from various data sources such as National Weather Service, removing the need for GIS staff to continually update information.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Experience Builder
ArcGIS Dashboards
ArcGIS Web Maps
ArcGIS Survey 123
ArcGIS Instant Apps
ArcGIS Pro

Development Team Biography

Mike D’Attilio, GIS Coordinator, Kansas Division of Emergency Management
Luke Finley, GIS Analyst, Kansas Division of Emergency Management