2022 SAG Award Winners

County of Jackson, MO

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Project Goal

After a record-breaking year of real property assessment valuation Board of Equalization (BOE) appeals in 2019, we painfully realized that our existing paper-based process had to be improved. We all agreed that it was time to modernize and create a digital process. Our 2 primary goals were:

Create a more efficient and scalable process for our customers, our limited staff resources, and the board members. This would be accomplished by digitizing a paper process allowing us to reduce errors, improving process timeliness, and providing technology tools to better manage key process components.

Build transparency into the new process, internally and externally. Too often documents were misplaced, or data was mis-entered and into multiple locations. The appeals process involves at least 4 stakeholder groups internally. Sharing at-a-glance and status information to our customers externally keeps them informed, reduces their anxiety and builds confidence in our process.
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Business Problem Solved

Traditionally, the Jackson County MO real property assessment valuation appeal period would span from July into the fall, sometimes winter. The number of appeals submitted for review would average 3,000 – 7,500. However, in 2019, we experienced a 693% increase in the number of appeals received from the previous year (from 3,190 in 2017 to 22,102 in 2019). The 2019 BOE appeals period was a disaster for everyone involved: the staff, the taxpayers, the elected officials. In addition to the challenges of 2019, we then encountered the 2020 pandemic and had to completely rethink how to safely conduct business. Utilizing Esri Technology was a no-brainer. It allowed us to tie-in current parcel level data with the taxpayer and allow for electronic submission of appeals. Board members are now able to better prepare for hearings as all the information they need can be found electronically at their fingertips. Now, all appeals are managed from beginning to end in one tool.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Javascript API

ArcGIS Survey 123

ArcGIS Operations Dashboards

ArcGIS WebApp Builder

ESRI Experience Builder

Integromat / Make

Google Docs

Microsoft Office

Development Team Biography

John Q. Adams, IT Department, GIS Developer

Gary Bindley, IT Department, GIS Developer

Rich Buford, IT Department, GIS Program Manager

Will Buskirk, IT Department, GIS Specialist

Michael Erickson, IT Department, Director

Lisa Honn, IT Department, Digital Services Business Analyst

Robert Mitchell, Board of Equalization, Administrative Assistant

Amy Petrillo, IT Department, GIS Specialist II

Eric Rabe, Assessment Department, Taxpayer Assistance Supervisor