2022 SAG Award Winners

Energy Queensland Limited

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Project Goal

Energy Queensland (EQL) manages a 247,293 km electric network serving over 2.3 million utility customers across a 1.7 million square km region of northeastern Australia. EQL is undertaking a digital transformation to ensure that data, people, and enterprise systems are better connected. The transformation relies on GIS as a fundamental building block to enable transparency and visualization of our network to enable effective asset management.
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Business Problem Solved

EQLs legacy systems included on premise, aged In-house developed solutions that did not support upgrade or alignment to unified datasets, processes or workflows. They could not be integrated to other systems without significant customisation and cost and did not support the level of automation required for efficiency improvements targeted through a modern digitally enabled workforce.

EQL was operating separate Network Design, Network Connectivity and Network Visualisation tools, systems, workflow and processes by region.
The solution involved a simplified architecture to increase the spatial visibility and management of assets through
standardisation of end to end processes, roles and responsibilities
to Mitigate the risk of system unavailability due to outdated and out of support GIS technology
Deliver increased information and analytics to drive ongoing productivity, reduce cost to serve and enable data collection efficiencies;
Ensure continual system updates for reliabili

Technology Implemented

The project implemented Esri ARCGIS PRO, Esri utility Network Model (Electric), SBS AUD lines design tools , SBS Substation Design Suite and TicketAccess DBYD systems.
Additionally, EQL chose to transition our Assets and operational cadastre to a Real World Coordinate position utilising AI to generate the actual location of assets and properties using High Res imagery and lidar datasets.

This provides complete whole of business spatial solutions on a stable upgradable platform for the next 10 years.

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