2022 SAG Award Winners

Stadt St.Gallen, Geomatik und Vermessung

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Project Goal

The city of St.Gallen has recognized the great importance of geospatial information for both administration and population. Therefore, the city operates a central GIS used by the municipal utilities, city planning, civil engineering office, fire department, city police and private individuals. The city of St.Gallen follows a clear vision of utilizing a modern enterprise GIS platform to improve the efficiency of its municipal administration and to enhance the usability of geospatial information for the public.
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Business Problem Solved

St.Gallen is currently evolving its GIS towards a modern scalable enterprise GIS and continues to put more and more use cases into value. The latest project covered customized route optimization for municipal vehicles eg winter service and street sweepers. The biggest ongoing project is establishing a digital twin for 3D urban planning and citizen engagement.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Urban

Development Team Biography

Stephan Horat, Head of Department
Thomas Bänziger, GIS Project Manager
Christian Höhener, GIS Project Manager
Christian Wirth, GIS System Administrator
Gregorio Graf, GIS System Administrator
Dennis Buob, GIS Specialist
Fritz Häberlin, Datamanagement Expert