2022 SAG Award Winners

Ministry of Interior – Kingdom of Bahrain

Project Goal

The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Bahrain has adopted a policy of modernisation and development to improve efficiency and by using the latest technologies, in order to save time and effort and improve the quality of its services and mission and fulfil its duties that involves Maintenance of security, general order and safety, and law enforcement.
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Business Problem Solved

Enhance emergency response by decreasing response time, strengthening cooperation between different emergency responders and better utilizing of emergency response resources. In addition, to provide an accurate, real-time tools that help monitoring the performance (KPI) and provide situational awareness.

Technology Implemented

• ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.
• ArcGIS Pro 2.9.
• ArcGIS Dashboards.
• ArcGIS GeoEvent.
• ArcGIS Runtime SDK.
• ESRI 3D Scene Viewer.
• ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Development Team Biography

Bahrain Geographic Security System Division, in The Ministry of Interior, manage building and deploying the winning solution. The division has experience in more than 15 years in emergency and disaster response management systems leads by experts in geospatial technologies.
The division provides the ministry with state-of-the-art technologies helps increase the capability to swiftly respond to accident and emergency calls efficiently and provides a common operational picture of for the security situation in The Kingdom of Bahrain.