2022 SAG Award Winners

San Bernardino County and City of Redlands Police Department

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Project Goal

Catalytic converter thefts have become a scourge for San Bernardino County residents with every law enforcement jurisdiction in the County seeing a dramatic increase in thefts. To help monitor catalytic converter thefts, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department teamed up with local police departments to create a Catalytic Converter Theft solution that allows all participating jurisdictions to view information related to their catalytic converter thefts in a web browser and allows them to follow and monitor trends in catalytic converter thefts in their neighboring jurisdictions.
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Business Problem Solved

Crime and criminals do not stay within administrative boundaries or jurisdictions. The Catalytic Converter Theft solution allows for the sharing of information across jurisdictions to address a common problem, catalytic converter thefts. By sharing the data across Jurisdictions, crime analysts can identify trends across the county rather than their smaller individual jurisdictions. Sharing data across jurisdictions also allow crime analysts to find commonality between cases, such as suspect descriptions, suspect vehicle descriptions, etc.

Technology Implemented

Dashboard for ArcGIS
Experience Builder
ArcGIS Online

Development Team Biography

Natalie Campos is a Business Systems Analyst for the County of San Bernardino. Natalie is responsible for providing GIS workflow solutions to County departments to improve constituent access to services or improve and automate departmental workflows.

Amy Varela began her career in Crime Analysis by interning with the Chino Police Department where she worked closely in the detective bureau with the crime analysts and detectives. She was later hired by the Pomona Police Department in 2008 to provide direct crime analysis support to the gang unit. Amy now serves as the sole Crime Analyst at the Redlands Police Department. She possesses her DOJ certification as a Crime and Intelligence Analyst from the state of California, and a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice

Kim Folkens has a BS in Criminal Justice from Cal State San Bernardino and a MS in Criminal Justice from American Military University. She is a Crime and Intelligence Analyst with San Bernardino County Sheriff