2022 SAG Award Winners

Transmilenio S.A.

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Project Goal

Transmilenio in a relatively short time, has consolidated a system supported in the geography, with knowledge and experience in data science, and a visionary corporate strategy that seeks to give an important role to data for the efficiency of the company, as well as for the social impact that results in the performance of the organization, and is the axis of a collaborative environment where from the academy, government entities, private companies, transport users and Transmilenio itself, contribute to the construction of a better transport system with high quality for the city, which is being a global wide refferent.
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Business Problem Solved

Using the 9 patterns of use, ArcGIS has allowed the analysis and organisation of large volumes of information and advanced data modeling, to predict mobility through real-time monitoring and control, benefiting more than 4 million daily users of the transport system. Additionally the integration of multiple processes such as automation for the inventory of the infrastructure, integration between areas from planning, design, operations and communications, historical analysis of data since 1886, and the future of transportation in Bogota, through the book “Mi TransMi en Mapas”, the publication of open data on the Living Atlas portal and the entity portal. Similarly, the implementation of IoT has enabled real-time monitoring of more than 11,000 vehicles, where thanks to the predictive analytics of real-time data, it allows estimating vehicle traffic alerts, risks and road closures in the system, as well as the arrival of vehicles at bus stops, accessed by users through the Transmiapp.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS for Desktop
ArcGIS Enterprise (Geoevent, Portal, Geoanalytics, Roads and Highways, Network, Spatial, Workflow)
ArcGIS Online: FieldMaps, Survey123, dashboards, WAB, Insights, living Atlas, Hub,

Development Team Biography

The entire organization:

IT Direction
Services and Technical Direction
Bus Stops technical Direction