2022 SAG Award Winners

Columbia Distributing

Project Goal

How do you replicate digital impression tracking, in the analog environment of Out-of-Home Marketing?
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Business Problem Solved

By combining precise GPS tracking, with the latest in human movement data Columbia can establish a view shed around the vehicles in it’s fleet that captures cellular device's unique identifier. This allows Columbia to provide its supplier partner with a true view of impressions and capture applicable consumer and demographic data. With the help of GIS analytics and Human Movement data, Columbia can monitor the pulse of consumers—and glimpse how their tastes might change years from now.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Business Analysis, Near - Data Intelligence

Development Team Biography

Columbia Team
Chris Steffanci
Jesse Ferber
Koji Pupo
Michelle Bartholomew
Travis Wolf
Kyle Ho
Chris Newsam
Jesse Holder

Nathan Kobinsky
Jeremy Bryan
Robert Greenebaum
Martin Paz
Patrick Fowler

Near Team
Dylan Pearce
Doug Shaddle