2022 SAG Award Winners

Instituto Oceanográfico y Antártico de la Armada

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Project Goal

The Oceanographic and Antarctic Institute of the Navy successfully executed the project: "Define the technical basis to achieve the extension of the continental shelf around the Galapagos Islands along the Carnegie submarine ridge" (SUTPLA I).
The proposal to extend the outer limit of the Ecuadorian Continental Shelf along the Carnegie submarine ridge was based on the premise that the Carnegie Ridge represents the natural and submerged extension of the Galapagos Islands, due to their common origin and evolutionary mechanism. To support this criterion, the analysis of various elements of information was used, including the optimization of the baseline system and geomorphological support for its extension.

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Business Problem Solved

The Oceanographic and Antarctic Institute of the Navy (Instituto Oceanográfico y Antártico de la Armada) has been using GIS technology for 10 years in its various areas: It has allowed a remarkable technological development; in the implementation of standards in storage, representation, processing, and analysis of all types of geographic information. To fulfill the purpose of the SUTPLA Phase I project, activities of the survey, analysis, and publication of geodetic, photogrammetric, and hydrographic information were carried out. In addition to the storage and standardization of information, the different ESRI platforms have made it possible to update the map of maritime areas, optimize the baseline system of Ecuador, map bathymetric information obtained in the Carnegie ranges, and publish web applications that facilitate the dissemination of updated nautical charts and hydrographic information.

Technology Implemented

- ArcGIS Online - ArcGIS Hub
- ArcGIS Enterprise & extensions
- ArcGIS Pro & extensions

Development Team Biography

CPNV-EMT CARLOS ZAPATA CORTEZ, director of The Oceanographic and Antarctic Institute of the Navy, MSc in science, PhD. in coastal engineering, hydrobiology, and management of aquatic systems, CPFG-EMT GIORGIO DE LA TORRE" SUTPLA phase I project manager, Technical Staff Frigate Captain, technical officer of the Ecuadorian Navy, MSc in science with a specialization in marine geophysics, MSc. in maritime and port management, TNFG-SU SHARLOTH FERNANDEZ AGUIRRE, Head of the Marine Geophysical Unit 2020-2021, TNNV-SU DAVID GARZON PICO, Head of the former Directorate of Continental Shelf and Ocean Floor 2018-2020. Miguel González, Geological Engineer; Msc. Applied Mineralogy, Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences; José Granda, Geographer Engineer, MSc. in Geographic Information Systems, Juan Carlos Sani, Geographer Engineer, MSc. in Geographic Information Systems; Andrea Baquerizo. Engineer Geographer, MSc. in Territorial Planning; Lourdes Muñoz, Geological Engineer, MSc. in GIS