2022 SAG Award Winners

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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Project Goal

Location is everything for a transit agency. Metro's business is built on location, and understanding the “where” of our business matters to us.

The OneMAP (One Metro ArcGIS Platform) Program recently launched at LA Metro promotes standardizing and integrating location intelligence, and providing tools for collaboration for better decision making. This initiative, led by the ITS GIS team and supported by key business units, directly supports Metro’s 2028 goals, and is connecting all of our great work.

We established three clear mission statements of focus for the program:
- We will have good data,
- We will use better products, and
- We will ensure best practices.

Now, traditional users like Planning and Maintenance of Way (MOW), who have used GIS for many years, as well as newer teams like Marketing and Race and Equity, are better able to “see” their data, and share insights to their stakeholders.
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Business Problem Solved

While Metro has been using Esri’s GIS software for many years, it needed a new approach to support integrated geospatial needs, especially to support newer platforms that have a need for authoritative spatial data and analytics.

It is often difficult with large agencies, like Metro, with so many moving parts to coordinate and mobilize support and involvement. It is even more difficult to rebuild a program while everyone is using it. But with clear objectives, a supportive core of business and executive support, and a theme of “GIS for Everyone”, we have grown from independent installations of GIS to a solid, more integrated, connected platform with loosely distributed functionality in each department.

The agency team recognized early on that this effort is more about the people using it, not just about technology rollout. With that people-centric approach, the program took flight, using flexible change management strategies and communications that we worked with Esri to develop.

Technology Implemented

Metro recently modernized the GIS environment by deploying a balanced, scalable GIS platform capable of handling current usage as well as upcoming use of mobile technology, drones, and geoprocessing. The merging of these capabilities, coupled with the consolidation of our ArcGIS Online accounts have created a unified environment which supports staff in learning and exploring, leveraging tools and innovations to serve LA County better. Users benefit because they can maximize the assets of the platform, including new basemaps that have the “look and feel” of the agency’s communication standards are being deployed by the Marketing team. Staff primarily use ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online (especially Survey123/Survy123 Connect, ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS Dashboards, Web-App Builder, Experience Builder, StoryMaps, and Map Viewer). ArcGIS Online has particularly become useful because of the flexibility of use on devices other than PCs, such as smartphones and tablets.

Development Team Biography

Executive Sponsor:
Bryan Sastokas, Chief Information Technology Officer

ITS/OneMAP Program Administrators:
Anika-Aduesa Smart, Director GIS
Kenneth Egelkrout, Sr. Transportation Planner
Alexis Newton, Intern

Maintenance of Way:
Michael Quant, Sr. Software Engineer

Ana Vallianatos, Manager, Communications
Tiffany Huang, Sr. Creative Designer
Eric Juhos, Marketing Insights Strategist
Nils Jepson, Marketing and Communications Officer
Nina Kin, Web Systems Developer
Albert Kochaphum, Digital Communications Administrator.

Chaushie Chu, DEO Countywide Planning
Anthony Catalina, Sr. Director, Countywide Planning
Falan Guan, Sr. Manager
Jim Lihong Zhang, Principal Planner
Jimmy Chung, Transportation Planner
Alejandro Gomez, Transportation Planner

Craig Reiter, Sr. Director, Sustainability
Andrina Dominguez, Senior Environmental Specialist