2022 SAG Award Winners

DC Office of Planning

Project Goal

1) Redistricting Tool: The goal of the DC redistricting project was to identify a modern redistricting solution that satisfies legal requirements, allows public engagement, provides transparency, and maximizes the efficiency of the redistricting process.

2) OP Demographic Data Hub: The goal of the Office of Planning Data Hub is to provide a one-stop shop for access to key data and information on the District of Columbia with specific focus on data obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, this data hub is meant to be an interactive information service platform that provides people with reliable, up-to-date, and trend data as well as demographic profiles, infographics, reports, studies, map analysis and story maps produced by the Office of Planning.
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Business Problem Solved

1) Redistricting tool: The fact that redistricting typically only occurs every 10 years, it can be difficult for cities to adapt their redistricting approach to take advantage of the latest data, technology, and tools and keep up with evolving rules and regulations. In addition, the ability to provide transparency and solicit feedback from stakeholders during the redistricting process has historically been limited. Traditionally, few individuals had access to redistricting software capabilities to share and evaluate proposed plans and provide alternate scenarios. The use of the Esri Redistricting tool provided a valuable option to the limitations mentioned above by providing a web-based solution that lets government, citizens and advocates collaborate on redistricting plans. The Esri solution provided tools to create compliant plans that met the criteria of the official DC Code on redrawing boundaries and complemented the traditional process.

2) OP Demographic Data Hub: The OP Data

Technology Implemented

ESRI Redistricting, ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Business Analyst, ESRI Maps for Public Policy, ArcGIS Experience Builder, ArcGIS Living Atlas.

Development Team Biography

1) Redistricting Tool: Joy Phillips (Associate Director, Data Analysis & Visualization Unit); Dennis Waardenburg (GIS Specialist); Travis Pate (Demographic Specialist); Alemayehu Anna (IT Specialist); Eddie Luthy (GIS Specialist); Sam Rosen-Amy (DC Chief of Staff, Council); Will Singer (Legislative Director, DC Council)

2) OP Demographic Data Hub: Joy Phillips (Associate Director, Data Analysis & Visualization Unit); Jamie P. Chandler (Data Visualization Analyst); Eddy Luthy (GIS Specialist); Travis Pate (Demographic Specialist); Jose Funes (Economic Geographer); Minwuyelet Azimeraw (Demographic Specialist); Alemayehu Anna (IT Specialist); Dennis Waardenburg (GIS Specialist); Alexandre Santos (GIS IT Specialist -OCTO); Reviewers – Sakina Khan, Ryan Hand and Art Rodgers.