2022 SAG Award Winners

Pima County

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Project Goal

Re-architect our primary web mapping application, PimaMaps, to expand infrastructure resources, upgrade to the latest software versions, and take advantage of new data models.
• The new architecture design was based on an Esri Advantage Program activity that reviewed our overall GIS system, using tools such as ArcGIS Monitor, and System Log Parser. Follow-up reviews with Esri staff, Pima County GIS, Infrastructure and Security Teams through the design process led to a final architecture that addressed security risks and is easily scalable to accommodate future growth.
• To alleviate load on the new system, additional ArcGIS Server web service environments, and an ArcGIS Hub Open Data portal were established using to serve non-PimaMaps customers.
• New data schemas and layers from the Parcel Fabric and Roads & Highways were accommodated for.
• An independent Image Server environment was implemented to separate image services from map services.
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Business Problem Solved

The primary business problem that this project solved was to alleviate performance issues that the former system experienced due to increased user load. The former system was over utilized to begin with, and with the retirement of our legacy web mapping system even more load needed to be accommodated.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Server, Image Server, Geocortex Essentials, ArcGIS Web Adaptor, IIS, Application Request Routing (ARR) Server Farm, URL Rewrite.

Development Team Biography

The entire Information Technology Department GIS team has contributed to this effort