2022 SAG Award Winners

Charlottesville, VA Fire Department and Charlottesville, VA Fire Department

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Project Goal

The Charlottesville Fire Department's Neighborhood Risk Assessment provides the framework to provide the best programs and services to meet our community's needs. This site is a community hub for information for our partners to plan for and deploy community-based services. The Charlottesville Fire Department is proud of our strategic partnerships and the collected work we do to improve the quality of life of our residents, students, and visitors.
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Business Problem Solved

#1: Provided a tool for local government and government partners to focus community-centered programs and services based on identified risks and needs.

#2: Created a sustainable and dynamic risk assessment to meet the department's needs for international accreditation.

#3: Improves our community response to neighborhood risk by fostering data sharing, visualization, and collaboration.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Hub, Community Analyst, Dashboard, Survey123

Development Team Biography

Lucas Lyons has served as Charlottesville Fire Department's Systems Analyst since 2017. Learning how to manage, clean, and use data in ArcMap 10.x days was one of the catalysts to his joining the ranks of accidental analysts. His interest in using technology and data to serve the public, inform decision-making and improve communities ranges from Charlottesville's vibrant 10.3 square miles to the coalfields of Central Appalachia where he grew up as a fifth-generation Appalachian.

Joe Powers is a 28-year veteran of the fire service, holds a master's in public administration, and is the Deputy Fire Chief of Community Risk Reduction at the Charlottesville (VA) Fire Department. Chief Powers believes the value of the industry is not only in primary emergency response, but in building a more resilient community through risk assessment, partnerships, and matching resources to needs. With his family, Joe lives just outside of Richmond, VA.