2022 SAG Award Winners

City of Providence

Project Goal

The Department of Public Works is charged with plowing and clearing streets during the winter months for the city of Providence. The goal of the project was to enable the department to have better situational awareness of its assets throughout winter storm events (city plow trucks and vendors), as well as, providing real time conditions for the public and the department in respect to the status of the roads – plowed – not plowed. By leveraging the ArcGIS Enterprise infrastructure, the Department was interested in creating a reliable reporting system, a method for tracking assets and a mechanism to report all of the information in a concise, timely and comprehensive manner.
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Business Problem Solved

The inability to receive reliable information in a timely fashion on the status of roads in the city has been a perennial obstacle for the department. Typically, most snow storms require staff to work in excess of 24 hours and snow plow drivers and inspectors (who oversee the drivers) can be very tired at the end of the storm, when clean up efforts are critical. Whether a street is plowed or not is critical information and needs to be reported as close to real time as possible. In the past, inspectors would relay information on a paper form at the end of their shift and supervisors would have to reassign streets many hours after a storm had ended. In addition, the department did have GPS units on its plow vehicles, but tracking was limited to viewing only 5 vehicles at a time (the department can employee over 110 vehicles in a given storm). This hindered the departments ability to properly track its assets and reduced the department’s ability to reallocate assets in a timely fashion.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise (Server, Portal and GeoEvent). ArcGIS Quick Capture, ArcGIS Field Maps, ArcGIS Dashbords, ArcGIS Workforce and ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Development Team Biography

Leo J. Perrotta is the the Director of Public Works for the City and has been employed in public service for over 37 years in a variety of roles, including Chief of Staff to local Mayors, Planning Director and the Parking Administrator for the City for over a decade.
David dosReis is the GIS Program Manager for the City of Providence.In this role, David is responsible for designing and implementing the City’s GIS strategic vision, managing the City’s Enterprise GIS, and developing custom web applications for both internal and external parties.He has worked in the GIS field for almost 20 years providing decision makers with geospatial data, tools and strategies needed to address municipal, state and regional planning issues.
Maureen “Mo" McManus currently acts as The Deputy Director for the Department of Public Works. She has been with Providence since 2019. Prior to that, Mo has worked with various state and local government agencies focusing on Environment and Sustainability issues.