2022 SAG Award Winners

EDF Renewables Inc

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Project Goal

EDF Renewables' mission is to lead the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Our goal with this project was to leverage GIS company-wide to provide a competitive advantage in the siting, development and operation of renewable energy facilities and services, in order to support this mission.
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Business Problem Solved

EDF Renewables transformed their GIS practices to develop a company-wide mapping and data solution to better-deliver authoritative geospatial information across departments. Previously, their GIS team expended a massive amount of time creating pdf maps or exporting GIS data into different formats to serve various departments. Furthermore, datasets sent through email were static and often soon outdated.

Technology Implemented

The GIS team developed a stable platform based on ArcGIS Enterprise & Desktop, by gathering needs from business users, customizing the structure and content to meet their needs, and creating a support, training, and regular follow up workflow system. This solved many of the data access issues that were previously part of their GIS system.

Additional efforts included centralizing servers for ArcGIS use, creating a GIS library for data access, integrating proprietary and subscription data, collaborating with ESRI to develop customized tools, and automating workflows. Custom-scripted geoprocessing services and widgets, and Web App-Builder are regularly used to deploy custom mapping applications for a variety of teams and uses.

Development Team Biography

Rachel Clement - Director, GIS
Jose Luis Serrano Castillejo - Technical Lead Geospatial Development
Ardeshir Beheshti - Geospatial Developer
Brandon McNulty - GIS Technical Lead, Siting
Brendan Soule - Sr GIS Analyst, Tools and Methods
Craig Weber - Sr GIS Analyst, Product Delivery
Careli Caballero - Analista SIG
David Stimple - Sr GIS Analyst
Jessica Leonard - Lead GIS Analyst
Kyla Larson - Lead GIS Analyst
Pablo Silveira - GIS Coordinator
Pete Bower - Lead GIS Analyst
Steve Hochberger - GIS Analyst