2022 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx are working on delivering the Ontario Line, a CA$10.9 B, 10-mile new subway line with 15 stations running through the heart of Toronto, CA. A technical advisory team lead by HDR is driving the development, design and digital delivery of the project utilizing ArcGIS technology to effectively organize GIS, Cad and BIM data across the large project team. An ArcGIS Hub-based portal serves as the single source of truth for all consolidated 2D, 3D & 4D design data.
The Ontario Line Planning Portal provides the project team of almost 1,000 staff easy access to data and information via a suite of discipline-specific web applications for reviewing the latest 2D alignment, properties, utilities, survey information, environmental impacts, and 3D station design.
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Business Problem Solved

A well-defined digital delivery strategy for data transparency, analysis, and review purposes is paramount for a project of the scope and scale of the Ontario Line. To organize GIS, Cad and BIM data, HDR’s Geospatial team developed the Ontario Line Planning Portal. Based on Esri’s ArcGIS Hub cloud platform, the portal provides access to data and information via discipline-specific web applications for reviewing the latest 2D alignment, properties, utilities, environmental impacts, and 3D station design. The hub has proven invaluable serving as a one-stop-shop to conveniently access and holistically view the latest 2D alignment and design data in a web viewer and to assess potential property parcels takes and environmental impacts. A 3D viewer allows the team to explore the latest station and structures design dynamically tied from ArcGIS Pro to Autodesk BIM 360 and then federated on the fly with 3D Reality mesh imagery and 15TB of lidar data along the project corridor.

Technology Implemented

Esri Software used: ArcGIS Desktop (ModelBuilder), ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online (Hub, Operations Dashboard, WebApp Builder, Experience Builder); GeoBIM
3rd Party Software used: Revit, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Inventor, Navisworks, BIM 360, Power BI, SharePoint

Development Team Biography

Cameron Schaefer, PE – Digital Delivery Lead
A design technology leader and innovator, Cameron serves as HDR’s Data Acquisition & Reality Mesh Director and the Digital Design Lead of the Ontario Line Program.

Bridget Wagner, GISP – ArcGIS Online & Hub
Bridget provides services for transportation infrastructure projects across the country. She specializes in cloud and web-based mapping solutions.

Joel Griffin, GISP – GeoBIM
Joel develops solutions that make complex business challenges easier to manage, specializing in GeoBIM, Utility Network and Enterprise implementations.

Stewart Macpherson, C. Tech – GIS Analyst
Stewart supports large-scale infrastructure projects as a Sr. GIS Analyst. He is responsible for overseeing data management and analysis.

Michael Schmedt, GISP – Technical Advisor
Michael serves as HDR’s Transportation Geospatial Services Director, leading the development and implementation of innovative geospatial solutions for a wide variety of transportati