2022 SAG Award Winners

Cayman Islands Government

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Project Goal

Deployed ArcGIS Enterprise
The goal of this project was to modernize our ArcGIS Server environment to facilitate the sharing of spatial data with the public and private sectors in a secure and scalable environment. We also decided to convert all features utilized in map services to WGS84 and improve the security and performance of all map services.

Online Map Requests
The objective of this project was to reduce the need for customers to visit our offices to request maps and reduce the turnaround time to generate digital maps and spatial data while allowing cartographers more time for research and development.
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Business Problem Solved

Deployed ArcGIS Enterprise
This project has allowed the department to improve the management of our shared spatial data, while leveraging ESRI built in OAuth security. We made significant improvements to our map services, resulting in enhanced map service performance, and improved security and cartographic representation. Finally, we created new WGS 84 datasets that allowed for easier integration of our map services with field and real-time GPS data without the need to re-project data on the fly.

Online Map Request
The new online map request allows customers to request map products from all modern web browsers at their convenience. Front-line staff can now process these requests with the click of a button -leveraging customized geoprocessing services that generate digital maps and spatial data that is available to download or packaged from their browsers before being delivered to customers.

Technology Implemented

The ESRI technology used for implementing and deploying our solutions and applications were

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 suite of products
- ArcGIS Server + ArcGIS Image Server
- ArcGIS Portal
- ArcGIS Datastore
- ArcGIS Adapter
ArcGIS Pro 2.7
ArcMap 10.8.1
Arcpy (python scripts)

Development Team Biography

Andrew Edwards - GIS Manager
Houdini Sutherland - GIS Programmer/Analyst
Angeleta Wilson-Dailey - GIS Programmer/Analyst
Michelle Jones - GIS Programmer/Analyst
Dean Thompson-Campbell – Cartographer