2022 SAG Award Winners

Stadtmagistrat Innsbruck

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Project Goal

Until November 2021 only links or press releases, some of which are hidden on subpages of the municipal homepage, led to (public) services of the municipal GIS department. Naturally, these options quickly fell into oblivion, and even insiders found it difficult to take a look at the entire range.
With a pre-defined project duration of half a year, an attempt was made in March 2021 to get these communication deficits under control. There should be ONE link from the municipal homepage to the "homepage of spatial information" - the geoHub Innsbruck. And with ONE search you should be able to quickly find applications or data using the relevant keywords.
Design and images should be in line with the brand and illustrate the ambience of Innsbruck - alpine and urban.
Simplification, clear structure, intuitive operation, practical functionalities, and access with diverse devices, whether smartphone or PC, those were also goals of the overall intention: to make data exciting and understandabl
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Business Problem Solved

With the department "Statistik und Berichtswesen” (Statistics and Reporting), a project partner was found who contributed texts, data and requests. The variety of visualization in diagrams, cartograms, maps, web apps and story maps should be an impulse and example for other internal departments of the magistrate how their data can be presented to the public and made accessible.
The implementation was mainly carried out with the tools ArcGIS online provides.
What will be the next steps? The city of Innsbruck works with a premium hub and the next steps will be to explore and implement its full range of functionalities.
Have a closer look at the geoHub Innsbruck for yourself.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS Hub Premium, ArcGIS Storymaps, ArcGIS Survey123

Development Team Biography

DI Eckehard Ranninger
Dr. Mathias Behmann
Elisabeth Seidl BSc