2022 SAG Award Winners

Prague Institute of Planning and Development

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Project Goal

The Prague's land development data portal is the digital twin of wealthy collection of data, analytic texts, charts, maps, indicators and other background used for urban planning in the city. The goal was to leverage user experience through instantly updated data content and effective interlinks between all parts of content to the new level. Portal should serve as atlas, data source as well as knowledge source for wide variety of users: planners, politicians, businesses, NGOs, students, researchers, citisens and other groups.
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Business Problem Solved

The key issue was to find way how to bring very komplex data and information collection by interactive, comprehensive and enjoyable interface to the wide spectre of users. The project successfully linked geodata published by web map apps with statistical tabelar database data, dynamic charts and structured text and image content. Portal contains 800 maps, 80 complex analyses, 1000 text pages and other content.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced, ArcGIS for Server Enterprise, Portal for ArcGIS.

Development Team Biography

Project leader: Zdenka Havlová, architect, head of planning analytical team

Data and map services management coordination: Bohdan Baron, geographer, head of spatial data team

Web development coordination: Michal Pochmann, geographer, head of web app development team

Web development: Sam Blanár, geoinformatics, front end developer

GIS coordination and supervision: Jirí Ctyroký, geographer, head of Spatial Information Section

+ 60 experts and consultants