2022 SAG Award Winners

National Population Commission, Nigeria

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Project Goal

Nigeria is planning towards a digital Population and Housing Census to take place in November 2022. To this end, the Census mapping started in 2014 to delineate the entire country which covers about 923,768 km² into units of Enumeration areas which should be compact, concise and coded in a way that each unit will have a unique ID referenced to government and cultural level of administrative units.
Project Goal: To automate Enumeration Area Demarcation Data Acquisition, Processing and Storage for Speed, accuracy, quality checks, ease of data base query and digital map deployment for the Census 2022. The huge land coverage of Nigeria produced a large volume of datasets, and the goal was set to have:
-99% error free data sets
-On field completion of data entry process, checking, editing and validating in a relative short time to avoid ‘error pile up’ during the ‘back to back’ Enumeration Area Demarcation exercise.
-Uniformity in the eventual National Population and housing census
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Business Problem Solved

NPC EAD GIS TOOLS is an application designed to query, edit and clean the data acquired by the EADPad (A bespoke Data acquisition Application) for speed, accuracy, integrity and precision. It is also designed to aggregate or dis-aggregate (as applicable) standard administrative (Government and Cultural) boundaries from the EA data boundary as the smallest unit enumeration. The application performs the following operations in sequence
EA Coding, EA Classification, Locality classification, Administrative boundary dissolve into LGA, RA/Ward and State from the coded EA data.
Data Sets Query and Editing
Data Quality Validation during Census Building numbering and Household Listing. The data quality validation model compares the Numbering and listing data with Demarcation Data with emphasis on percentage difference in total number of buildings, Total Residential and Non-Residential buildings etc The percentage difference is also varied according to the Urban and rural classification

Technology Implemented

NPC used various ESRI technology ranging from the ArcGIS desktop to the ArcGIS pro and finally the enterprise for data schemas, data cleaning & analysis and data storage.
The NPC EAD GIS tools was developed using combinations of ArcTool box geoprocessing tools and Python scripts in ArcGIS model builder on ArcGIS desktop
The enterprise, supported with ArcGIS Pro hosts and deploy the validating and analyzing application and subsequent data generated respectively.

Development Team Biography

Joseph Ayogbade Ogunsina: Director, Cartography Department, National Population Commission and Enumeration Area Demarcation Project Manager.
Foluke Yetunde Adebayo, National Enumeration Area Demarcation & GIS data Coordinator. In charge of Schema and Geographic frame conceptualization. Leads the NPC GIS team.
Taslim Saludeen: Developer of EADPad (A bespoke application used for Data Acquisition)
Adebayo Olatubosun, GIS Syst officer (North) author, Coding model and application
Oreoluwa Adebayo: GIS Sys Officer (South) author Boundary and Administrative dissolve model and application, Co-author, Quality Validation application
Kolapo Sodiq, GIS Zonal Data admin (Southwest, Nigeria) author, Improved boundary and Admn dissolve application, Co author, Quality validation application
Patrick Ohagwa, GIS ZDA SE
Desmond Onyene, GIS ZDA SS,
Usman Saidu, GIS ZDA NE
Auwal Magaji, GIS ZDA NW1, Gaduwama Abubakar, GIS ZDA NW2
Folayinka Osuntoye, GIS ZDA NC
Hauwa Sulaiman, GIS HD
Regina Jan