2023 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

The Pegasus project enabled ONEOK to realize a single, authoritative set of GIS data through the implementation of a singular data model and standard set of data management tools. In collaboration with our Esri partners and TRC, ONEOK achieved streamlined business processes, more consistent data, ability to respond rapidly to project requests, and simplified integration opportunities with other systems.
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Business Problem Solved

Previously, ONEOK supported three GIS databases; one for each business unit, each supported by a different data editing tool, and no consistency between domain lists. Integrations between GIS and other systems was difficult and often impossible. Finally, having a scalable platform was not possible until the implementation of the Pegasus project.

Technology Implemented

We are now considered a pure Esri shop!!! We utilized Esri resources heavily during the project to build a robust platform.

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