2023 SAG Award Winners

Rogers Group Inc.

Project Goal

Or goal is to make a single repository for all geospatial information in the company and to create apps and dashboards that help decision makers use that information to make faster and better decisions. We are gradually achieving that goal one department at a time. Recent advancements are bringing GIS Business Analyst into our business development team to analyze potential markets and help with prospecting.

Business Problem Solved

Before ArcGIS Rogers Group had a disorganized collection of maps and surveys in various forms from paper plats to pdf files to CAD files. With AGOL we now have a central location that hosts all property lines, permit boundaries, mine plans, and more. And, each feature has its associated metadata so we can see where a boundary is and have direct access to the associated deed or permit while being notified of any upcoming expiration dates.
Recently we have also been diving into market analysis using imported market data combined with Business Analyst and Living Atlas data.

Technology Implemented

AGOL, Business Analyst, and Web App Builder. We have a collection of web apps for quarry operations management, sales/market analysis, and land prospecting.

Development Team Biography

Zack Wilcox - The future of Rogers Group GIS systems. Zack represents a big leap forward in our capabilities. He is the first true GIS specialist in the company and he's already taking us to new heights.

Ross Harvell - Always on the move and getting things done. Ross is the fuel that keeps our GIS engines running.

Wyatt Curry - Taking the GIS system from a property management tool to a company wide central repository for geospatial information. Wyatt was critical in growing and expanding the adoption of GIS in the organization.

Tim Knight - The workhorse. Tim has been involved in technological advancements within the company for years. He puts in the work to drive continuous improvement. Without his effort we would not have the GIS program we have today.

Andrew Effinger - The original founder of the GIS program at Rogers Group. Andrew was the lone GIS guru in the company until our GIS program started to spread and gain traction in the company. His initiative was the