2023 SAG Award Winners

Royal Commission for AlUla

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Project Goal

Our aim in the project is to use the capabilities of GIS and ArcGIS to provide all RCU departments and personnel with the necessary geographic data in order for the RCU to achieve its goals, and to offer applications that will facilitate their work and use this data. While doing this, to make our plans and infrastructure by considering the developing technology and trends. At this stage, we tried to establish the GIS infrastructure by taking into consideration the departments of RCU (County Zoning & Planning, County Operations, IT, Wildlife and Natural Heritage, Development and Construction, Archaeology, Facility Management etc.) and their needs.
Knowing that the most important part of successful GIS solutions is sensitive, accurate and up-to-date data, we have made and continue to do our projects to provide these data from the beginning. Using this data, the AlUla digital twin was created piece by piece to support smart city applications and continues to be created. We continue to wo
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Business Problem Solved

1. Allowing all RCU users to reach geospatial data : The Web Geoportal application allows all personnel working within the RCU with or without GIS knowledge to access GIS data, query on them, print maps, print special reports and perform some spatial analysis.
2. Supporting archaeological studies.: Archeology teams make location determinations in the office environment using mostly satellite images (google earth) before they go to field work, and plan and complete the field studies according to these determinations. However, since the resolution in satellite images was often not sufficient, some details and archaeological remains were overlooked. But the GIS department has greatly contributed to the Archeology department to produce faster and healthier data by providing 5cm and 10cm resolution accurate aerial/Drone photographs and a user-friendly web geoportal application where they can easily use these images.
3. Supporting County Operation Department to detect illegal activities: W

Technology Implemented

• 2 Tires (Production and Staging environment) ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 installed. Production environment is Highly Available with below components. System integrated with RCU IAM and Wusool systems for Authorization and authentication.
o Portal For ArcGIS
o ArcGIS Datastore (Relational, Tile Cache)
o ArcGIS Server (Hosting Server)
o ArcGIS Server (Image Server)
o ArcGIS Server (Additional server for Custom Geoportal Application)
o Web Adaptor
o Web Server (Custom Geoportal Application)
o Geodatabase (MS SQL Server 2019)
o ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.2
o ArcGIS Pro 3.0
o ArcGIS License Manager 2021.1
• Custom Geoportal: Geoportal is a scientific framework for gathering, analyzing, and visualizing geographic data to help users make better decisions with below used technologies,
1. ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.24
2. Angular 12
3. Material Design components for Angular
4. AspNetCore framework 6.0.12
5. AspNetCore Authentication version 5.0.8
6. EntityFrameworkCore version 5.0.2

Development Team Biography

Eng. Amr s Almadani project sponsor
Dr. Maher R Alsubhi Project owner
Eng. Mazen G Mokthar GIS manager
Eng. Ahmed T Alaamry Survey manager
Eng. Turki Turkistani Geospatial applications manager
Eng. Yousif K Maimani GIS specialist
Eng. Majed M Alhasani Geodatabase lead
Reham M Alhazmi GIS specialist
Bader M Alshehri Survey specialist
Zuhair A Al Ghamdi Remote sensing specialist

Musa S. Arslan , Project Manager/Senior GIS Consultant, GTO
Suleyman Arslan, Senior GIS Consultant/ArcGIS Enterprise Expert, MipMap
Suleyman Koksal, Computer Engineer, Senior Developer, GTO
Mustafa H. Ay, Senior GIS Specialist, GTO
Selwam Muthu, Surveying Manager, GTO